Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jit Murad's One Load Of BullJit @ PJLA Theater, Jaya One

I caught Jit Murad's 1 Load of BullJit last night at PJLA Theater, Jaya One.

Last night's show was a charity event where all the proceeds will go to Nur Salam Children’s Home.

Rudy from hitz.FM did the opening act. This as he said was his first stand-up show and he did well.

Jit's performance was great, a real funny man who kept me awake and in laughter throughout the night with his stories and jokes. He shared current events in Malaysia such as 1Malaysia, as well as stories from his childhood and schooldays.

At the end, the audiences gave him a standing ovation. The show ended around 11:30pm, late but it was worth it. Great job Jit.

For those who are going to watch the show this week, watch out for the One.

More inform on the PJLA website.

*No photography was allowed.

Some write up on Jit in the New Straits Times.

Catch: Jit Murad gets nostalgic


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