Friday, February 29, 2008

Lunch With My Brother

Brother blogger that is... hehe. We went to Restaurant Seaview, walking distance to our office and had chap fun. Chatted bout how times have changed, with more people blogging and a bit of politics.

We saw DAP's Tony Chua who is challenging
Wanita MCA leader Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun in the coming general election (Petaling Jaya Utara (PJ Utara)) at the restaurant talking to the people there, stall owners and customers.

Britains Got Talent FINAL: Connie Talbot

From YouTube

Watch the previous video first, Britains Got Talent: Connie Talbot

Britains Got Talent: Connie Talbot

An amazing singing young talent. From YouTube She got Simon Cowell's attention.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lifehouse's Everything Skit (From YouTube)

Taken from YouTube.

New Office @ 3 Two Square - Day 4

Day 4: 28.02.2008

Network is still down, can’t work so I am updating my blog. One of the hardware blew yesterday evening, must be a surge or something due to the lightning.

I went downstairs to Home Delights Restaurant, where brother Jo tapued his lunch yesterday. Had a toast, 2 half-boiled eggs and teh-see peng, all for RM4:50.

To while the time away, I helped to untie some network cables while the network team setup some hubs and routers in the server room.

Lunch at O&N. I had Yong Tau Foo (80 cents per piece X 5 = RM4) and fruits (RM1). Tapued goreng pisang for tea.

Some photos of poor workmanship or equipments in our office space.

Our floor's lift lobby.

Toilet light, not working.

Can't seat on the toilet seat.

Cracks on the ceiling

New Office @ 3 Two Square - Day 3

Day 3: 27.02.2008

Air-cond working wonderfully well, some of us had to wear our jackets. Some are wearing gloves. Haha… The ceiling aircond near me is fixed as well.

I can’t access my email if I launch the VOIP phone.
It keeps prompting me to enter my password.
Key in password ********, re-enter password and re-enter password.
Still not able to access my emails… arrrrrrr.
Disconnect the VOIP software, exit Outlook, launch Outlook. Still cannot. Grrrrr.
Re-start Windows. Enter password, ok. Phew. My emails coming in, more work to do.

I am not using VOIP until this problem is solved.

Lunch at Reataurant Seaview, this time I had kai fun. RM3.80 and Chinese tea.

New cubicles. 10 workstation were installed just behind me, no more privacy :-(

It rained in the evening, thunder and lightning. Network is down. Near time to leave the office, so I did my ‘Prepare to go home ritual’. Go to the washroom, shutdown the notebook and pack my bags. See ya…

New Office @ 3 Two Square - Day 2

Day 2: 26.02.2008

Finally, the central aircond was fixed late in the morning. Arrrr... nice and cool.

We have no phones in the office, instead we are using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone. The software is called ‘OfficeInside Messenger’ and we have a handsfree ear-set. Problems with connection, and communicating (can’t hear or voice breaking).

I went to section 14 for lunch, chap fun and chinese tea (RM4.50 + 50 cents).

The connection to the internet and SAP system was down after 11 am till 3:30pm. Can’t work, so a few of us went to Starbucks for a drink after lunch.

New Office @ 3 Two Square - Day 1

Day 1: 25.02.2008

We officially start work here in our new office. More spacious compared to the previous office in Cyberjaya. We have bigger workstations and more space to move around.

The central aircond on our floor is not cooling down the office, instead it is just blowing air. We have two separate ceiling aircond. One is working fine, while the other one, nearest to my workstation is not. It is doing the same thing as the central aircond, just blowing air. A warm and stuffy first day

We walked to Restaurant Seaview in Paramount for lunch. I had chap fun. Cost RM4 and with Chinese tea 50 cents. I missed eating local Chinese food as we can’t get good local Chinese hawker food in Cyberjaya.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Change Blog Address (Update)

Dear family, friends, fellow bloggers :-D

I have decided to change my blog from Blogspot to Wordpress. Here is my new address

I have jump camp from BN to the Opposition :-p. Cheerrssss.

I've have jumped back to blogspot... didn't like uploading of photos in wordpress.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

KFC in Sg Long?

I just heard news that there will be a KFC opening in Sg Long, next to the morning market. I will check it out and confirm it soonest possible.

Monday, February 25, 2008

7th Anniversary Flowers (Part 2)

Flowers are as rare as a gem (for Marilyn that is) and so during our wedding anniversary I ordered a bouquet of flowers for Marilyn. Presented the flowers to her before church service. Was she surprised? You have to ask her lorrr

Flowers from Latter Rain Flowers. Thank you aunty Sally for the beautiful bouquet.

The bouquet
Some close upsShhhh..... the flowers are resting on the bed
Ribbons and netttingsFlower girl
Flower girl and ring bearer :-P
Beautiful sky to compliment the beautiful lady and flowers.

To be continued....

7th Anniversary (Part 1)

arilyn and I went to Genting after church on Sunday to celebrate our 7th year wedding anniversary. We stayed at Awana Genting for a night (2d / 1n) . My dear mum agreed to look after the children while we were away.

The tower room cost RM108.88 per night, inclusive of buffet breakfast. Check out the Genting 888 deals.

Drove straight up to Gohtong Jaya for lunch. The pictures here are non-halal, be forewarned :-P

We ate at Restoran Mushroom Farm (Seafood). Mmmmm no mushrooms to be seen.
... nor is there any seafood in our noodles.
What do you call this porky dish, with vinegar? Very fatty lorrr.Wanton mee, dry with charsiew
Close up, can you see the charsiew clearer now?The cost of lunch... 2 wanton mee, sour pork and 2 barley drinks....
We paid for the food + the cool Genting air.

To be continued...

Lunch @ Seaview

Finally lunch at a normal 'kedai kopi' during work days. 3 colleagues and I walked to Seaview, Paramount for lunch. We all had 'chap fun' and Chinese tea ice.

My lunch (Rice with sweet sour pork, long bean and fried egg.) cost RM4 and 50 cents for the tea.

New Office @ 3Two Square

oday I start work in a new office at 3 Two Square in Petaling Jaya. I've got a bigger workstation and the office space is larger than in Cyberjaya too. We are sharing the whole floor with 2 other sister companies, DOMO and BDU.

Domo is a leading manufacturer of high-quality whey- and milk based manufacturers of infant foods, foods and pharmaceuticals worldwide.

BDU - Business Develpment Unit/

FFSCAP - Friesland Food Services Centre Asia Pacific. Provide SAP IT support, to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

The entrance
Friesland Foods DOMO, FFSCAP and BDU.FFSCAP... my workstationView from the entranceView from the window, overlooking Seapark or is this Paramount?Yay... I can walk to a good old kopi shop for some nice local food for lunch.

In Cyberjaya, we had to drive out for lunch, sometimes to Denkil for some Chinese food but most of the time in Cyberjaya itself. Paddy, Oldtown kopitiam, some restaurants at Street Mall, or Rahim's the Indian restaurant, where I nearly ate a "cooked" fly.

Yoo brader blogger Jo, lunch?

Some pictures of our Cyberjaya office last Friday when we were packing.

All the frame pictures on the wall has been removed.
Spoilt? Not food, but some CRT monitors, that we pack and bring to PJ....