Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Minute Lunch Call from BB Jo

Had lunch (last minute call) with brother Jo at Simon's Delight restaurant. We had chap fun. Good to have lunch company other than your colleagues once in a while.

Sorry no pictures of the food...

Toyota Car Service

Gosh! The cost to maintain my Toyota.... on top of the recent fuel hike.

1. 100,000km service - RM250.00

2. Car seat knob - RM112 each (x2) RM 224.00 (will change later)

3. Aircond vent - RM37 each (x2) RM74.00
(will change later)

4. Front brake pads (2) - RM 354.00 (RM 383.60 with labour) (last another 10,000km
- will change later)

5. Belt -
Total replacement - RM 211.20
- Alternator belt - RM18.10
- Power steering belt - RM76.30
- Aircond belt - 88.00
- Plus labour RM28.20

Estimate service today (service and belts replacement)- RM 461.20

Initial estimate was for the 100,000km service, and car seat knob replacement RM474.00

I will get my mechanic to replace the brake pads. Replacement of the seat knob and aircond vents can wait. Wanted to service at Toyota because they have certain car parts that is difficult to find outside.

New Word For Today: Pentatonic Scale

I just learned a new word today... Pentatonic Scale
From Wikipedia

A pentatonic scale is a musical scale with five pitches per octave in contrast to an heptatonic (seven note) scale such as the major scale...

Now from one word, I got to learn heptatonic as well

Hmmm, I still don't understand, someone please 'F1' me

Praise God

Just a small sharing.

I hurt my right hand ring finger during the gotong royong. Just a small cut, but it hurts when it touches water or by putting pressure on it.

I want to praise God that the pointer and middle finger did not get hurt during the cleanup, cause I was to play the bass guitar on Sunday (yesterday) and these 2 fingers are the main fingers in playing the bass .

Thank you Jesus.

So does anyone have any feedback on yesterdays worship service?

Euro 2008 Final Results

Most of you would have already know the result of the Euro 2008 finals between Germany and Spain.

I found out the result from the security guard when I left my home this morning, even before I heard the news on the radio. He said German kalah, 1-0.

Well the favorites lost and I lost sleep too from the mamak shop which screened the final live. Jolted awake by the cheers of the crowd.

Congratulations to Spain.

Results and report

Miss MBSJ Stephanie

From brother Jo's blog, our very own Miss MBSJ as mentioned by Pastor Dexter yesterday.

... sorry it should read MPSJ not MBSJ. Thanks to Rach for highlighting the mistake.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

MLM with Simon Locke

MLM, book 3, lesson 1.

Simon always manages to get everyones attention with his lessons.

Thank you aunt Stephanie for sharing your cendol, was deliciously cold and sweet.

Thank you brother Philip for sending me home yesterday evening. We had dinner at Taman Connaught at A You Lee Restaurant.

I ate yong taufu with dry noodles and tapaued dinner for my family, claypot chicken rice and some yong taufu.

Sarah with babysitter

Sarah with babysitter aunty Stephanie

Pastor Dexter Sharing Sunday Message (29.6.2008)

Pastor Dexter Low sharing the message. Picture from video output.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gotong Royong in Subang (28.6.2008)

Today some of our Latter Rain Church members went to subang, section 13 and volunteered our time and service for a gotong royong. It was organized by YB Hannah Yeoh.

SS13 Subang. MBSJ came with the equipments, brooms, plastic bags, etc...

The photos were taken with a Canon A400, while cleaning up, and mostly with one hand. Sorry for the poor quality photos, due to camera shakes.

Some photos of our church members. Lots of photos before the start of the gotong royong.

The photos taken in my earlier blog () was taken with Sony 800i to give you some latest pictures.

Photos (L) Left, (M) Middle (R) Right
(L) Amanda,Olivia & Silas (M) CK & Faith (R) Joyce, Stephanie & Joshua.

(L) Sheila, Benjamin, Jonathan & Simon (M) David, Emily, Daniel & Mr Ki (R) Joyce, Faith & Mr Yew

Breakfast.Sandwiches, kari puff... the nasi lemak was delicious. Crispy anchovies, crunch.

(L) Hock Foo & Chee Leong. (M) Ps Dexter. (R) Elijah & Sarah (finally got a photo of Sarah)

(L) The youths (glad to see you there) (M) Seng Woo and Sarah (R) The Tans

(L) Speech by Elijah in Bahasa Malaysia. (R) Mr Yew the X men

YB Hannah Yeoh
(L) YB Hannah Yeoh. (M) Mary and friend with Hannah.
(R) Joshua wanted to take photo with Hannah, so he just stood behind her, and I snap a photo.

Opening speech by YB Hannah and later an interview with some journalist.

Clean Up
Start your engines... clean up time. Not many photos during cleanup time, busy cleaning up marrrr. comment. See for yourself. As my cher said Ewwwwwww!

Pest control company clearing away the trapped and dead rats.

LRM Crew at work
(L/R) CK

(L) Pak Philip, looks like one of the officials. (R) Vincent and Issac on Philip's car.

Gotong Royong in Subang: On the way back

On the way back from Subang. Thanks again CK. Had a good time fellowshiping with you and Silas.

Gotong Royong in Subang: Hosanna

After the cleanup, we passed by this restaurant.. 'Restoran Hossana'.
Praise God we helped the best we could during the gotong royong, and survived. Aiiii, Emily walked by just as I pressed the button.
"Hosanna" (Greek transcription: ὡσαννα, hōsanna) is the cry of praise or adoration shouted in recognition of the Messiahship of Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem, Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord![6] It is used in the same way in Christian praise.