Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lunch @ Boston

One of the restaurants my colleagues and I usually eat at for lunch (not everyday) is at Boston.

They now offer set lunch at RM7.90++ for any one of the 8 dished advertised + drink (milk tea, coffee or ying yong) and a scoop of ice cream. Add RM2 to replace the drink with ice honey lemon, ice lemon tea, honeydew juice, apple juice or carrot juice. Price is cheaper compared to if you ordered the ala carte.

I have already tried 3 of the corn rice dishes; sweet & sour chicken, dry-fried beef tenderloin (spicy) and grilled chicken fillet. It really fills your stomach. The only complain I have is that the dish is a bit dry, not enough gravy.

The service at the 3 Two Square outlet needs to be improved too. There are times they gave us the wrong order, other times the dish comes late, very late. They need to be reminded all the time.

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joshua said...


good promo for Boston...

better improve the service or else...