Thursday, April 1, 2010

TweetBlog: 01.04.2010: Change Car Disc-Brake

Sent my car in this morning to the Perodua service center to change the car's disc-brake. Everytime I brake hard, the steering wheel will vibrate and sometimes the whole car shakes.

The service adviser said since the car is still under warranty (extended warranty), they will replace the disc-brake for free.

Things to be done today:
. Replace disc-brake
. Skimming
. Replace disc-pad

Feb 2010: I informed the service adviser on 7 February before Chinese New Year when I sent my car in for its normal service, and since they did not have the parts, they had to order it and will call me when it arrives.

Mac 2010: It has been more than a month and I did not receive any follow up call. I called on 8 March, and was told he forgot and will call me back. I contacted Perodua customer service this week, and than the service adviser called me back. Set an appointment today to have the disc-brake replaced.

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