Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jalan University Storm On Fri 18th Feb 2011

Last Friday on 18th February 2011, I was in my car on the way back home when I was caught in the storm which hit Jalan University just outside University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

It was around 6:15pm when I turned into Jalan University towards the Federal Highway when the heavy rain started. There was a jam in front of UMMC cause by heavy traffic and the traffic lights was red. Just before the traffic light opposite the Samsonite outlet, the heavy rain turned into a violent storm which lasted a few seconds, seems like eternity to me.

Due to the strong violent wind, you could not see through the windscreen even with the wipers on. I shudder the though of being outside the car, I might have been blown away by the wind.

A broken tree branch from a nearby tree was blown past my car. I could pray that the branch not hit my car nor any other motorist. A few seconds later another tree branch rolled at the side of my car, I prayed "don't hit my car, don't hit my car...". It landed at the side of my rear left tyre, phew...

I looked at the big tree right after the traffic lights and prayed that the tree nor it branches not to fall onto the road and cars beneath it.

When the traffic lights turn green, I pressed the accelerator but the car could not move. I checked my handbrakes and gear and tried again, still the car could not move.

"The tree branch" I thought. I switched on the hazard lights, gear at park and handbrake on. Got my umbrella, exited the car via the left passenger door. The tree branch was lodged under the left rear tyre. After a few tries, I successfully unlodged the branch and moved it to the side walk. I was soaked to the bones. The umbrella was of no help from the strong wind. Got back into the car and continued on my way.

At the next traffic lights, the left side of the road was flooded and a billboard was damaged and parts of the billboard was strewed on the road, this caused only one lane to be assessable.

Made my way home, safe and sound. Praise God.

News report:
Violent storm wreaks havoc in Petaling Jaya
Saturday February 19, 2011

HEAVY rain and strong winds wreaked havoc in some parts of Petaling Jaya on Thursday, uprooting trees, blowing off roof tiles and garbage bins. The strong winds also caused a billboard to come crashing down in Jalan Universiti....

Toppled: A giant billboard in Jalan Universiti that came crashing down due to strong winds
**Picture for The Star Online

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