Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nanking Court Restaurant in Section 19 Burnt

Nanking Court Restaurant in Section 19, PJ (I'm guessing) it burnt early this morning.

I passed by after lunch and saw that Nanking was burnt.

Went to check the church upstairs, VVC was spared.


Jessica Yeong said...

Hey, Nanking Restaurant is now reopened! They had this new promotion where every dish is only RM7.70! Surprisingly, the quality of the food are still as good. The manager told me that the restaurant will be a whole new concept after all the renovations. However, only one section is opened and the other section will be reopening soon, from what i've heard. You should stop by and check it out. Be sure to update your readers! ;)

d'Lion said...

Thank you Jessica for the update. I pass by yesterday and I saw a big banner stating they are open on 19 July.