Thursday, February 5, 2009

Check Your Immigration Travel Blacklist Online

Immigration puts travel blacklist online

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians can now go online at to check whether they have been barred by the Immigration Department from leaving the country.

The department has set a target to upload the names within an hour of receiving updates from other government agencies.

Those barred can also contact the department to find out which government agency had issued the order. They can also seek advice on what to do to get their names removed from the blacklist.

Director-general Datuk Mahmood Adam Mahmood said the department was offering the service to save travellers the embarrassment of finding out about the ban at airports....

Click on link to check your status

Latest link . The one above is not valid.

Update 11.06.2010. Seems like the above link is also not valid.

Please check the Immigration Department of Malaysia's website for updates


Anonymous said...

The link to check immigration status seems outdated. Do you know where can i semak the status?

d'Lion said...

Try this link

pah said...


this link doesnt seem to work :

Do you have an update l could follow

yunyun said...