Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jam Cause By Police Road Blocks

I got caught in traffic jams on Friday and Saturday due to police road blocks to check in coming traffic towards KL, to the anti-ISA gathering on Saturday.

Yoo Malaysian govman, please allow gatherings in stadiums so that there will not be street gatherings or protest.

Friday evening (31/7/09) after work.
Got caught in the crawl after turning out from section 17 traffic lights towards KL on the Sprint highway (Jalan Damansara).

After the road block, near the Shell petrol station, the road is clear.

Saturday morning (1/8/09)
Silas, Rachel and myself were on our way to VVC, PJ for Tribe rehearsal. Silas drove. It took us more than 1 1/2 hour to reach PJ.

East West Link Highway (Connaught Highway). Near Desa Waterpark.

We turned off toward Taman Desa and than to PJ via Old Klang Road.

Crawl on the Taman Desa - Old Klang Road junction.

Got caught in a crawl on Federal Highway on the way back after rehearsal.

Saturday evening (1/8/09)
CK, Rach and I were on our way to Jaya One, PJ for the Operafest Children's Choir performance.

Picture taken on the East West link highway of the Sungai Besi highway towards KL.

Snail pace on East West link.

Crawling on the turn off towards Taman Desa.

To end the evening on a more pleasant note. Some nice sunsets photos taken from Old Klang Road.

Thanks Silas and CK for the ride to PJ on Saturday.

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Some news on the ISA gathering.
Sunday August 2, 2009
Chaotic scenes at Kuala Lumpur city centre
Police arrest 589 supporters in ISA street demo
Hold gatherings in stadiums, says PM Najib

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