Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CDM Swallowed My ATM Card

This morning as I was going about depositing cash into the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) at Maybank, SeaPark, the machine showed a Windows error message than it went Out of Service, with my ATM card still inside its belly.

I called the Customer Service and was told that I could collect the card after 8:45AM when the branch is opened for business. Requested them to deactivate my card.

Went to the bank during lunch and was told the CDM machine has not yet been opened for the day. Was told to go for lunch and they will call me once the card has been retrieved.

Right after lunch, I received a call to collect my card. All this within 1 hour. I also had to fill up a form to re-activate my card.

My thanks to the bank officer who helped me.

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