Friday, October 30, 2009

Google Maps Navigation: To Get A GPS Device Or Not?

Is Google Maps Navigation a satnav killer?

The news that Google is releasing free satnav software for Android handsets that will provide Street View images and turn-by-turn directions has sent the likes of TomTom and Garmin into a spin.

Google has just announced that its new Android 2.0 operating system will support Google Maps Navigation, a new tool, based on Google's existing road maps platform, that will provide turn-by-turn directions, automatic re-routing and 3D street-level views. In short, pretty much everything your satnav can do, but without the need to worry about an extra bit of kit when you load up the car.


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1 comment:

sharon said...

I have GPS on my cellphone which makes it easier for me to drive around (because I usually...always get lost!!!).