Monday, October 19, 2009

In The News: PJLA MACC 1st EGM

It's a laugh, the MACC EGM

HELLO, all you Ah Bengs, Ah Chongs and Ah Chais out there, the much-awaited MACC EGM, contrary to reports in the mainstream and downstream media and unbridled rumours, is scheduled to be held today.

Seriously, let me put this on record. The MACC is most certainly not the MCA, okay, and also not the anti-corruption bunch — two organisations that have been in the limelight of late.
What a laugh.

This MACC is the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians.
The MACC’s first EGM (Easy Going Meeting) is to discuss the fate of president Douglas Lim’s “intern”, Phoon Chi Ho, and the “sacked - but - pending - appeal” member Kuah Jenhan.


More information on PJLA website.

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