Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bundaberg Root Beer

Andrew C knows that I like Root Beer, so he recommended an Australian Root Beer. Bundaberg Root Beer.

So far I found it only at Cold Storage. It cost RM3.99 at Cold Storage Jaya One. I bought one a few weeks ago to try it. I like, I like... taste nice and not too sweet.

I told Andrew, since it cost more than the A&W Root Beer, I can only budget for a Bundaberg Root Beer, once a month :-) Last Thurday he bought one and gave it to me, I don't have to budget for one this month. I still haven't drank it yet. Thanks Andrew.


joshua said...

I want one Bundaberg Root Beer! 8D 8|

Andrew said...

This is all a part of me trying to stimulate the Australian economy during the downturn... I'm sure one Root Beer helps a lot!

d'Lion said...

Yes 1 from you and 1 from me... and maybe 1 from Jo.

cck said...

hey don't forget about me. More the merrier! Surely the economy will be boosted