Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Trip To Sepang

On labour day last week, my family and I went to Bagan Lalang, Sepang for a night. We stayed in our "holiday" home in Pantai Sepang Putra.

The kids had fun in the plastic swimming pool.

We had dinner at Restoran Bagan Lalang Seaview, Bagan Lalang. You can't really see the sea. I had to cross the road and walk on the beach to catch a bit of the sunset.

There were lots of vehicles and people that evening in Bagan Lalang, due to the 1st May holiday. All the restaurants and eating places were crowded.

(Clockwise, from Top-left) Sweet sour fish which was supposed to be "not" spicy for the kids, but it was; ikan bakar; sotong goreng and kangkung.

One more vegetable dish did not arrive, so we cancelled it.

Breakfast the next day after checking out from our holiday home.

Restoran Sungai Pelek serves dim dum for breakfast only during the weekends.

We headed home after breakfast.


chosenjade said...

adoi Daniel, I feel so homesick just looking at all those lovely pics of food you take. Sepang beach is beautiful. send love to Marilyn, just to see the girls grow is so amazing. thanks for sharing.

d'Lion said...

I take pictures and eat the food.

You can do one better, cook, take pictures and eat. :-P