Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Trip: Sepang

After church we went to Sepang for a night.

7 June 2009 (Sunday)
It is still 7 June, mum's birthday. More makan time... Dinner at Restaurant Sungai Pelek, Sungai Pelek town, Sepang. Click to see Google map (center of the map).

Picture: Fried egg

Picture: Steam fish

Picture: Stir fried brocolli

Picture: Fern fried in belacan

Picture: Dessert

8 June 2009
Seafood lunch at Ocen Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Sepat, Sepang. Click to see Google map (center of the map).

My camera ran out of battery, so I had to use my handphone camera to take the rest of the pictures.

Picture (Clockwise from Top-left) Tauhu kang, ocen (fried egg with oysters), steam fish and mixed vegetables.

Map to Sungai Pelek and Tanjung Sepat.

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richrach said...

ooi... bring extra battery next time ler... or charger?