Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Vacation: Genting

It's the school holidays here in Malaysia and I took my family up to Genting for 2 nights from 30 May to 1 June 2009.

Day One
Lunch at Restoran Foon Lock, Bukit Tinggi Village.

Fruit and vegetable stalls outside the restaurant.

Our meal

Picture (clockwise from top-left) Sweet sour pork, claypot mixed vegetables, assam fish and vegetable soup.

Our girls outside the restaurant.

Our girls in Genting Indoor Theme Park.

Our first experience with snow, artificial snow at Snow World.

Picture taken with SE K800i
From my previous mobile blog Family:Genting.

Picture taken with SE K800i

Day Two
Outdoor Theme Park.

Ashley's first roller coaster ride... Cyclone. She was real cool, no screaming, I didn't scream too :-D

After the coaster ride, she is still standing.

Photo with the Battery man. Battery man's family is used to power my camera.

Family photo with the battery man.

Carousal.. round and round

...and round

The Spinner. Ashley rode it twice and Andrea once. Yes no screaming or shouts from my girls.

Day Three
Having some fresh air outside the Theme Park hotel, Andrea happy to have taken a photo.

My shot of a spider... don't move, don't move, don't jump on me....

Mama and Ashley.

My girls.

On the way back home, we stopped at Bukit Tinggi Village again for lunch.

Land clearing to make way for farming behind the village.

Don't forget the assam fish, yes again.

Picture (clockwise from top-left) Not sweet sour pork, vegetable soup, Ashley & the assam fish and assam fish alone.


richrach said...

Looks like fun! Thx for sharing the fun with us, readers... :D

sharonsb said...

Wah! The girls are braver than Aunty Sharon! The food looks good...!!!

d'Lion said...

Of course the food looks good, not only that, it taste good too, especially the assam fish.

I am a person who don't like 'assam' or sour stuffs, but this assam fish dish is an exception.