Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Favourite Johor Bharu Food

Kueh Teow Teng
My brother Michael brought Marilyn and I to Hen Hwa Restaurant in Taman Sentosa for one of my favourite dishes.

I love to eat 'spare parts', kueh teow kia

JB Mee Rebus
The original mee rebus shop at Jalan Ibrahim Sultan in Stulang Darat, we heard from the parking attendant has closed shop. That was the reason why the mee rebus was not like what we tasted before, and they did not serve mee rebus special or of different sizes nor do they serve JB's otak otak.

At least we tasted JB mee rebus, though not the best.

JB Kolok Mee
One of the best JB kolok mee is at Ho Seng Kee Restaurant, on Jalan Kancil, off Jalan Harimau. It is located behind Plaza Century and opposite the Caltex petrol station.

Why is it one of the best, cause if you go late, the will have run out of stock. Thats what happened to us on Saturday afternoon at 12:30pm.

A day earlier we went to look for this restaurant previously located on Jalan Harimau. There are a few kolok mee shops on this road. We went to the shop Ho Meng Kee (previously where Ho Seng Kee was located.

Chili kolok mee.

Later on we heard from my aunt that the original shop Ho Seng Kee has moved to the opposite side. I was 'conned'. But the kolok mee here was not bad either. Thats what my uncle Johnny told me from the tapaued kolok mee we packed for our aunts and uncles.

Next round I am going for the Johor Laksa.

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