Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lunch @ Wendy's Jaya One

Had lunch at Wendy's Jaya One yesterday with my colleagues.

I ordered Pack3 from the Wendy's Pack RM6.99 menu.

Service was kinda slow for a fast food restaurant.

The portion for Wendy's Pack is small. My colleagues even said it was not enough for me, which was true. The beef patties was square (Wendy's say they don't cut corners) but it was thin.

For tea it would be sufficient, but not lunch. Next time I will order the Combo meals for lunch, but it is kinda pricey compare to McD.

Wendy's cheeseburger tasted good, but I rather have Burger Kings.

I anticipation for my hunger after lunch, we headed to Cold Storage and I bought 2 pieces of pears for my tea time.

If you are heading to Wendy's, check this out Wendy's Coupons.

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