Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Sunday 26.04.2009

I brought my family to Kanna Curry house for breakfast before Church service. Promised my kids that I will bring them to eat roti on Sunday.

Had to leave them there to finish their breakfast as I was late for pre-service rehearsal with the Tribe band. I was very very late. Sorry fellow Tribe Band.

After service, we headed to Jaya One for lunch. Yes just me and my family. Had lunch at Jaya Noodle House. The last time I ate at this restaurant was when they were still at Jaya supermarket (which is now closed for redevelopment).

They still have the same tables and orange chairs from the old place.

The kids had wontan noodle with charsiew, Marilyn had the suey kow, and I had the Hainanese kai fun. The price for the food is on the high side, my kai fun was RM7.90.

Wanted to eat there for 'nostalgic' sake.

My Hainanese kai fun...

Jaya Noodle House
Jaya One, Petaling Jaya
Block C, Unit 35-B2
Zone Wai Sek Kai
*They have Wifi too, but I am not sure it they provide power supply for your laptop batteries.

To end the day, we had sandwiches (any combination of sandwich, ham, tuna and/or eggs), salad and mushroom soup for dinner at home. We bought the ingredients from Cold Storage after lunch.

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joshua said...

i think jaya noodle can add another RM1 for nostalgia.