Monday, April 13, 2009

Traffic Jam: Connaught Highway To Kajang

The jam at the Connaught highway today towards Kajang (from PJ) was terrible. It started after the 50cents toll all the way to the intersection to Kajang.

The reason, at the intersection near Phoenix Plaza, motorist were caught unaware of the changes in traffic diversion.

Usually we would keep left to go towards Kajang, while the right lane towards the flyover at Phoenix to go towards Taman Lensen or Alam Damai.

Today it was the opposite. See picture below.

At around 6:10PM, as I reached the flyover to Lensen, I saw many motorist trying to find the right lane and directions (left or right????), while the workers or highway man were trying their best to direct traffic, but to no avail.

I was so called "lucky" to have kept on the right lane all the way where the jam started till the Phoenix flyover.

The contractor and highway authorities should have planned the road diversion signs and informed road users in advance.

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joshua said...

The woe of city living!