Monday, July 6, 2009

5 July 2009: Movie - Dance Subaru

Marilyn and Ashley watched the movie Dance Subaru at Berjaya Times Square after church. They went with dance/ballet teacher Ms Loo.

Good movie to watch if you are interested in dance and ballet, and some drama added in.

Subaru and her twin brother Kazuma share a dream in becoming ballet dancers, but after Kazuma’s death from a hereditary illness, dancing became Subaru’s only happiness and she yearns to lose herself in dance. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she runs into cabaret owner Isuzu, who recognizes the talent in Subaru and trains her in her nightspot. But to become a professional ballerina, Subaru has to overcome harsher challenges than merely satisfying the cabaret drunkards. Spurred on by her rivals, Subaru enters an international dance competition, to vie for recognition and a scholarship to any top ballet company in the world.

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