Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Colleague's Email

I received this email from my colleague, concerning a broken sewage pipe at my office basement parking.

Dear Colleagues,

Please be informed that the toilet sewage pipe at B1 broke yesterday afternoon.

Of course, you can just imagine what happened next…

So, IF you did *poo poo yesterday, please be aware that your *poo poo is somewhere lying around at B1.

Also note, it’s also possible that your *poo poo is on top of other people's cars driving around the city.

All the best (to your *poo poo).


Concerned Witness

* Word changed to make this post more family friendly.


chosenjade said...

must be a s_ _ _ job to clean up all the shit. Poor guy. So did you do your business in B1 ??? beware... big brother is watching ;-)

d'Lion said...


joshua said...

S.H.I.T = Super Hero In Training

sharonsb said...

hmmm...hope your car didn't get the additional blessing it didn't deserve!!!

d'Lion said...

My car was save from the *peep