Saturday, July 25, 2009

PJLA: Operafest Children’s Choir (24 July 2009)

Operafest Children’s Choir presents One Bow-Wow, One Heart at Lightbox Theatre, PJLA, Jaya One, PJ.

I watched the presentation as a 'crew'. What a privilege to 'work' and enjoy the children sing.

One Bow Wow (woof woof), One Heart.

Final rehearsal.

The crew @ work. Thought I was tired after the show, I really enjoyed my 'work'.

Picture (L-R) Kiddo Oli, MB Rach, Boss Andrew, and me.

Some photos taken while I rested from my roaming cameraman duty.

Photo taken by Rach.

Picture. Mrs Kam and her children.

Full house.

I will be part of the audience for tomorrow night's performance 26 July 2009.

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joshua said...

Hopefully, Sunday service will be full house every Sunday too!!!!!!