Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lok Lok Pre Dinner

While waiting for Silas to fetch Rachel home at our transit point, Rach and I started out pre lok lok dinner meal at the road side Fat One BBQ Steamboat van (just next to Esso petrol station after Mines). Silas came later to join us for a quick bite.

I haven't eaten lok lok for years. The closest cousin to the lok lok that I ate last is the Melaka Satay Celup "Satay Celup Has Arrived In Kajang". Btw, the Satay Celup Restaurant Old Home Town in Kajang has closed shop.

It was after 7:30pm, way pass my usual dinner time at 6:00 - 6:30pm, cause of my new working time.

Cook your meals on stick in hot boiling water and than put some satay, sweet or chili sauce over it.

Crab anyone, small little ones. Deep fry it and you will have an even more crunchier crab on sticks. I did not try it. It looks like the little crabs you see on the beach.

Thank for the meal Silas and Rach.


CHRIS ONG said...

stop it, you're setting me off again...!!

richrach said...

u're welcome, dan!
2-3 sticks to "alas perut" before dinner time is not too bad :)

thx for allowing "trouble" to drop on u this season too!

d'Lion said...

Chris, a simple meal. Just take some toothpicks. Poke your daily meals. Cook them in hot boiling water and you have your own lok lok down under.

Rach, no prob.