Monday, July 27, 2009

Time To Have A Second Child

Dear friends in Malaysia, if you have one child, it is time that you help our nation by having a second child. Is your child longing for a sibling?

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hat happens when birth rate falls
...The situation in Malaysia, with a birth rate of 2.2 babies per couple, is not at a critical stage yet compared with Hong Kong (0.9), Korea (1.08), Taiwan (1.1) and Japan (1.2). But if the replacement level is not kept at two children per family, the country could be heading the same way.
"Women stay longer in schools, and when they work, they marry later and have less time for childbirth."
"If I have eight children, I cannot support their education in the institution of their choice.

"Time is another factor. If I have many children, I cannot spend much quality time with them. A smaller family is definitely easier to manage."

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