Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boiled Coke Anyone @ Sun Wong

Last Sunday after Church service, my family and I had lunch with Elijah and Sarah at the Sun Wong Restaurant at Jaya One. They serve fusion food.

Elijah recommended that I try the Boiled Coke with Ginger, which I declined :-D

There is another interesting drink, the Egg In Boiling Almond Tea. I might try it one of this days, if my stomach is up to the challenge.

Thanks for the lunch Elijah.


Mary-Janice said...

the boiled coke with ginger is good for ur throat actually
nxt time u can try

d'Lion said...

Have you tried it MJ? I am curious with it's taste. Actually I don't drink soft drinks, so this might not be a drink of choice for me.

joshua said...

hehehe who says there's no free lunch?

oliviahlloo said...

since the restaurant is so near my uni, i've tried it.
The boiled coke with ginger is not bad. It might havr tasted weird to some, but it's like drinking warm coke with a taste of ginger (just like its' name). ^.^