Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Letter On Mount Kinabalu

Another letter on the high price of climbing Mount Kinabalu. Still no response from the Sabah Park and Tourism Malaysia.

High price of climbing Mt Kinabalu
Saturday January 17, 2009

I AM not sure if it is only me who find the cost of climbing Mt Kinabalu has risen too much.

I have read complaints in the newspaper and I do not understand why Sabah Park and Tourism Malaysia have not responded. I have been planning to climb Mt Kinabalu with my friend and we have already made our flight bookings.

I had a wonderful experience climbing the mountain previously. My family and I lived in Labuan for six years and we had been going to Kota Kinabalu every month by airplane.

The accommodation in Laban Rata used to be affordable. But now, Laban Rata and Sayat-Sayat have been placed under the management of private companies and the costs have also risen.

As a student, I have a tight budget. Even though I have money, I see no reason why I must sleep at Laban Rata or Sayat-Sayat at such unreasonable charges.

Sabah Park should make clear the reasons for privatising Mt Kinabalu facilities.


Dengkil, Selangor.

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