Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lift Human Traffic Jams

Celcom moved into 3 Two Square, The Crest building last week. They occupy 5 floors and have around 400 people.

Since they moved in, we have faced with parking problems, where there are not enough parking bays (without walking too far) and human traffic jams in the 3 lifts that service our office block.

We could wait between 5- 15 minutes before we can enter the lifts. This happens 3 times a day, in the morning, during lunch and after work.

It is not Celcoms fault, but I blame it on the building planners. They could have foreseen that the 3 lifts could not handle the occupants in the tower block.

The building management is trying their best to resolve this problem.

This morning, I pressed the 'up' button, and the button light was on, and after a few seconds, the button light turned off. This happen everytime I pressed the 'up' button.

When the lift arrived, there was a security guard in the lift. He said there will be someone stationed in the all the tower lifts during morning peak hours. They will manually control and monitor the lifts Ups and Downs to minimize the human traffic jam problems.

So now their job titles will be "Security guards aka Lift attendants".


sharonsb said...

what floor are you on bro? maybe it's time to start walking up and down...exercise!

Anonymous said...

My friend forward me your blog. I think it is good to spell it out to CRE** management of our situation now. I had the same experience like you, so frustrated and stressfull when waiting and boarding into lift, I m therefore come very early and go back late the early bird lor, what to do..

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience like you, it is good to spell it out and let CRE** management know about our situation now.
It is kinda stressfull and frustructed when board into lift nowadays..hence I had started practicing early bird rule now..

richrach said...

exercise is goooood!

joshua said...


i concur with sharon but then again, i think daniel seah is quite fit, no?