Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Car Gear Box Was Leaking

Last Wednesday I sent in my car to Perodua to fix a leaking gear box and replace an engine mounting. The service advisor said it would take 3 days to repair the leaking gear box.

I had to make alternate arrangements during work days for transport to and from the office.

On Wednesday Silas sent me home and on Thursday and Friday I borrowed my mum's car.

The service advisor called me on Thursday and said that the sealant on the gear box was not Perodua's brand or seal. What was that, no original Perodua's? He asked if I have sent the car to any other service centre. So far I have only sent the car to Perodua service centre for servicing.

So it must be when reported that something was leaking under my car, at Perodua Balakong, that the 'seal' was changed. How come it was not an original part?

On Friday the advisor called and said the car will not be ready on that day, maybe on Saturday. Came Saturday the car was still not ready, as the parts to fix the gear box came on Friday evening.

The mechanic finished fixing the box around 5:30pm on Saturday. No calls.

I had to sms the advisor on Sunday to confirm when I can collect my car. "Tomorrow" said the sms.

Asked brother Silas to tumpang me to PJ this morning. What a so called "adventure" we had on the road... I leave that story to Silas and Rach.

The Cost
I just received my "fixed" car during lunch. It was a major repair. The damage... RM236.40.
. Labour charge RM150.
. Insulator sub-assy, Engine mounting, RH(D73A) (under warranty) RM0
. Case, torque convertor & differential (D73A) (under warranty) RM0
. Ring, O RM33
. Seal, type T oil (X369,680,690-ATM,D73A) RM12
. Seal, type T oil (D73A) RM 33.90
. Plus 5% service charge on Labour.

A Note Of Thanks
Thank you Silas for giving me a lift on Wednesday and today. Appreciate your sacrifice, time, petrol, toll, hunger... ;;-)

My Myvi's Similar Problem
Just found this site http://www.carsurvey.org/reviews/perodua/myvi/r111120/
...At 20,000KM
- Gearbox had a huge MAJOR leak! The oil leaked and drained completely after 2 days! Had the car towed to Perodua's dealer and fixed. The seals at the gear control device located below the gear box broke. I was told by the dealer that this could be due to the improper repair works done by them when I first fixed my gearbox minor leakage previously. Said sorry to me numerous times and was fixed under warranty.

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