Monday, January 12, 2009

My DSLR Fever

I have to share this... getting the "DSLR fever". I will blog about the "My New DLSR" in the near future. Anti climax huh, but first thing first.

Yesterday after church and lunch, I went to the Foto Miami Warehouse Sale (over) with Silas, Rach and baby Sarah. Thanks Silas for the ride, company and advise.

13 Jalan Tandang
Petaling Jaya
Old Town

I got myself a Tamrac Express 6 Series camera bag. Cost RM 192 (RRP RM300), for my future DLSR. Price on ShaShinKi website is RM299.

At the moment, this bag will house my Canon S3 IS.

Tamrac homepage


cck said...

Wow, looks like one of your leg is already there bradder. Remember to check your temperature loh!!! Wat at trilled!!!

d'Lion said...

Well I got to know the new camera model that is coming.

So I can at least sleep soundly till it comes, but that does not stop me from checking out price for the accessories.