Thursday, January 8, 2009

Give Thanks: My Winter Clothing Claim

My company is sending me and some of my colleagues to Europe, namely Greece and
Hungary for the project handover. The project team will handover support to us.

Our company has allowed up to claim winter allowance, but were instructed to purchase with "reasonable expenditures". So what is reasonable? No maximum was given.

Having no experience with winter and winter clothing, since I am living in a tropical country and have not traveled to a place where there are four seasons. I just bought "reasonable" priced jacket, sweater, a pair of thermal wear and wool socks. Hopefully it is sufficient to keep me warm during winter.

The total cost RMx,xxx. I was not sure that it was reasonable.

Today I just want to thank God that the my winter clothing claim has been approved. So one less thing to think about.

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cck said...

Great to hear tat bradder. Take it as God blessing to you....keeping you warm wherever you go. I heard you got more blessing coming ha?! A DSLR to be exact...WOW