Sunday, December 21, 2008

David Says: Expensive to climb Mount Kinabalu now

Our very own David Tan, a man who is much traveled, especially when "Everyone Can Fly" airlines AirAsia made it possible for nearly everyone to fly, writing in to The Star to give his "piece of mind"... I mean opinion on the increasing cost to climb Mount Kinabalu, Sabah.

Expensive to climb Mount Kinabalu now
Saturday December 20, 2008

I HAVE climbed Mt Kinabalu four times. It is a World Heritage Site and a beautiful place to visit.

In the past, I used to pay only RM40 per night for a bed in a heated dormitory at the Laban Rata resthouse.

AirAsia makes it affordable to fly to Kota Kinabalu. Sometimes it cost RM250 for a 3D/2N trip which includes expenses on return air tickets, taxi, climb fees, guide, certificate, insurance, etc.

Now it is a different story. If we want to climb the mountain, it will cost us RM208 for a one-night stay at Laban Rata resthouse with meals provided.

Next year, a one-night stay at Laban Rata resthouse will cost RM330 per person.

Air travel is cheap now and if you get a good offer, it costs only about RM60 return on AirAsia. But the cost of climbing Mt Kinabalu has risen too much that it makes sense to travel to other countries for a holiday.

I hope Tourism Malaysia and Sabah can look into this matter.


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