Thursday, December 4, 2008

My day On 3rd December 2008

3 Dec 2008. What did I do on this day...

I took half day leave, in the afternoon to go to Amcorp mall to check out the price of a DSLR camera, Nikon D90 and Canon 450D.

In the afternoon, I fetched 'boss' Rach to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to oversee the setup for the nights Charity Fashion Show at Tangs (Mezze), by Eric Leong and organized by OfficialXS. This charity fashion show is for the Nanyang Foundation.

Latter Rain Mediaworks was there to do the video shot, sound and lighting.

After the setup and before the fashion show began, boss and I made our way back to VVC for music rehearsal.

Thanks to 'boss' for the McD Fillet birthday dinner :-P

Thats my day. Cheers!


richrach said...

hey... don't 'boss' here n there can??? aduhai!

hehe... interesting way to celebrate your big day ya?! :)

d'Lion said...

ok boss, sure boss, alright boss...

Yes it was.

richrach said...

aihhhh.... no pay raise for u still! :p

d'Lion said...

Y boss, Y?

Nvm larr boss pay for my dinner I happy leow