Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Please Make Sure All Rear Seat Passenger Wear Their Safety Belfts

Tomorrow onwards 1st January 2009, all rear seat passengers must wear their safety belts.

Will this be another rule where people will eventually not follow because of the lack of enforcement?

Look at the tinting issue, 3rd brake lights, motocyclist not wearing helmets, more than 2 persons on a motobike meant for 2, motobikes without lights (front and brake lights), speeding, beating red lights and the list goes on and on and on....

Rear seat belt offenders face harsher penalty from July
...Road Transport Department (JPJ) and police will start issuing summonses from Jan 1 to all passengers for not wearing their rear seat belts.

... a six-month grace period during which they would only be issued a compound of RM300 for not wearing their rear seat belts.

From July 1, drivers and passengers caught not using their seat belts would have to pay a fine of up to RM2,000, serve up to one year’s jail or both under the Road Transport Act...

All must belt up in MPVs
...All seven or eight passengers in a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) must belt up when the rear seat belt regulation is enforced from Jan 1...

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