Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Penang Holiday: Day 1

22 Nov 2008. Our family holiday in Penang, for me is to spend more time with the family, hope I did, and also to visit some old friends in Penang, namely Siew Fong and family, Nancy (Marilyn's former boss at MBf) and Linda (Marilyn's old school mate)

Day 1 began when we left home around 5:30AM for Penang.

Arrived in Penang around 11AM, cause we stopped twice along the North-South Expressway rest area, once at Bidor rest area to change the kids and the second to have breakfast at the Tapah rest area.

Lots of cars on the Penang bridge, but no jam. Construction to expand the bridge to 2 to 3 lanes is in progress.

We drove straight to Siew Fong's place where we spent the night. Siew Fong used to stay in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, and attended our cell group.

We had home cooked meal for lunch and we parents rested while our children played with Siew Fong's children, Xi Tak and ning Ning. A year or 2 before baby Ming Ming can join and play with the older kids.

For dinner, Siew Fong brought us and her parent in-laws to a Thai restaurant, Prontip Thai Restaurant located on Lebuhraya Peel. The food was deliciously delicious.

(Picture from left) Ning Ning, Xi Tak (Ashley's close friend) and Ashley

(Picture from left) Ming Ming and Marilyn & Ming Ming

After dinner, back to Siew Fong's house for the night.

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