Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mama Is Coming Back Tonight

Ashley and Andrea's mama is coming back today from Perth, Australia. They missed their grandma. She has been away for a month in Perth, staying with her dear friend our aunty grace.

Home made welcome home card by Ashley and Andrea for their mama.


richrach said...

how cweet! :)
surely mama cant wait to c all at home too!

sharonsb said...

welcome home,mama!

Cheryl said...

yEaa...sOOO sWeeeeeeeeTT!!!
mmMMMmm...tIMe reALLy, reALLy fLIES!!! A.Seah mAy hV miX'D fEElings, 1 oN bEin hOmeSick; d OtHr, oN bEin, hW tIMe reALLy paSSeS uS sOOO qUickly!!!

Cheryl said...

wELcOme hOMe a.Seah!
hOMe sWeeeeT hOMe!!!

d'Lion said...

She is glad to be back, as the last few days in Perth, the weather was hot hot hot