Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Penang Holiday: Day 4

25 Nov 2008. Day 3 in Penang.

Siew Fong and family came over to the hotel to take a dip in the swimming pool...

... to walk on the beach.

Wildlife on the beach...

(Pictures Clockwise from top-left) 3 monitor lizards, a butterfly, some goats (not wild), the monitor lizard's foot prints.

Some shots on the beach.

Family pictures.

Lunch at Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Taman Emas, opposite Penang Chinese Girls High School along the junction of Jalan Gottlieb and Jalan Burma.

The food... for a person who does not like asam laksa, I finished all the laksa, burb... must be very good ;;) .

I had a variety of dishes for lunch chee chong fun, char koay teow, and other than the asam laksa, I also finished the curry laksa.

A recommended good place to eat.

(Picture clockwise from top-left) Asam laksa, chee chong fun, curry laksa and char koay teow.

Dinner with Linda and her daughter Zoe at Northram Foodcourt, on Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah oppsite The Northam All Suite Penang.

Another food court we will recommend.

Group photo... Andrea, Marilyn, Zoe and Linda.

The food (some of it)...

(Pictures Clockwise from top-left) Ocen, Penang lobak, French something sandwich, lasagna and mushroom soup.

Our last night in Penang.


CHRIS ONG said...

stop it.. ur doing it AGAIN! don't be cruel...

d'Lion said...

Aiyaaa, Malaysia is the land of plenty delicious food, I can't help it lorrrr