Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Legoland Malaysia News Update

Could be another theme park that will not generate enough revenue.

roup unhappy over Legoland Theme Park choice
JOHOR BARU: The arrival of the Legoland Theme Park in Iskandar Malaysia comes as a disappointment as Legoland is a brand unfamiliar to locals.

Legoland Malaysia seen tapping government loan
(Business Times Singapore) The government is likely to be tapped for a loan to kick-start the development of the proposed Legoland theme park in south Johor in view of the current credit crunch which has made funding tougher and more expensive to obtain.

A senior government official told BT that the joint venture behind Legoland Malaysia was expected to approach the federal government for a loan not exceeding RM500 million.

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written by chelsea, December 16, 2008 10:43:10
It's interesting to note that 5000 jobs will be created. If each employee draws a mere miserable RM1k/mth, the average payout would cough out to be RM5mil per month on salaries alone discounting off all other social funds, expenses, franchising and miscellaneous loans, etc before we even talk about profit margins! We'll need 100k visitors per month spending a minimum of RM50 each. Look around the development and attractions in Johore and how on earth the authority thinks this joint venture could lure a minimum of 100K visitors to the theme park each month, when RM50 is considered expensive for the locals, i.e. it takes an average family of 4 to spend at least RM200 per visit, excluding hotel and transportation to the destination...and you wanna dream of successes when Paris, Hong Kong renowned as dream holiday destinations, are struggling to survive with their Disneyland ventures!

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