Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lunch @ Satay Kajang Haji SAmuri

Yesterday after some shopping at Alamanda, Putrajaya with my family and Cheryl from Melaka, we stopped by in Kajang for satay.

We had satay at Satay Kajang Haji Samuri, located at the satay centre next to the Kajang Stadium.

We usually eat satay at Restaurant Satay Malaysia, located in Kajang town, but yesterday we decided to try the one at the stadium.

Due to the lunch crowd, the service was slow. After ordering the satay, the waiters served us the kuah satay (peanut sauce), cucumber and ketupat. Waited quite long for the satay to arrive. Good too, as we were waiting for Silas and Rachel to arrive.

When the satay arrived it was not hot. Could be due to the "mass cooking" and "mass serving" of the satays to customers.

The chicken satay had chicken skin in between the skewed meat. Well I like my satay to be lean and mean, and not too chewy like the lembu and kambing satay we had yesterday.

Overall, I am disappointed with the satay served here, and the drink too were not that good.

So no, pictures from this satay outlet, as I felt it was not necesary.

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