Monday, December 22, 2008

Warehouse Sales I Went To Last Week

I've been to 3 warehouse sales last week.

Golla Swiss Travel Loop Bags Warehouse Sales
Date: 17 - 21 Dec 2008
Location: The Atria Shopping Centre (3rd floor), near Big Book Store.

There were laptop bags, computer accessories, MP3 players on sales. Some brands on sale:
. Golla
. Swiss Travel Products
. Loop

Last Thursday, I bought a laptop bag (Swiss Travel Products) @ RM239, a universal adapter (Swiss Travel Products) @ RM49, price if you purchase above RM200 and a 4GB SDHD card (Toshiba) @ RM29.

Montana laptop bag...

World travel adapter..

*Click on pictures to go to the Swiss Travel Products website

Sports Warehousesale
Date: 17 - 21 Dec 2008
Location: Lot No 18A Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya (Opposite British American Tobacco (BATM))

Some brands on sale:
. Adidas
. Reebok
. Nike

Last Sunday after Church and lunch, Marilyn and I brought a pair of shoes each. Hers a Reebok walking shoes @ RM 199 and mine a Merrell Continuum walking/casual shoes @ RM 139.

*Click on picture to view feature

It has been long overdue for us to replace our aging sports shoes. Our own Christmas gifts.

Big Bookshop Year End Books Clearance
Date: 6 - 28 Dec 2008
Location: The Atria Shopping Centre

Didn't buy anything, but there are lots of books on sale. Still got some time left to go shopping for books.


CHRIS ONG said...

sale, sale, sale! STOCK clearance spring cleaning, i definitely have given up on jamming with crowds, esp the DIETHELM one!!!

d'Lion said...

I have given up on warehouse sales when it is too crowded like yes, Diethelm's. The others I went are not so crowded.

richrach said...

buy everything else but books...
tsk tsk tsk! :p

d'Lion said...

Hehe *shy*