Monday, April 21, 2008

1 Year in Friesland Foods Services

This month I have worked here in Friesland Foods Services for a year. Happy anniversary to me :-p

Is it time for me to move? I gave this company 1 year of my life. All companies has its goods and bads. Some are "gooder" and some are "badder" (forgive me for the bad Ingelis).

1 year ago, there were things which I mentioned to management, but up till today nothing much has changed. I am overworked at times, supporting now 6 countries. Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. 2 more countries are going to be supported by us, that is Greece and Hungary when they go life by I think early next year.

Imagine 1 consultant supporting per module. I am not able to take long annual leave without being overloaded with work when I come back. The same even when there is a public holiday or when I am on medical leave.

My last annual leave I took, i brought the family to Genting. When I came back on Monday, I had to take the whole week to clear my work load. After that getaway, Marilyn said, "I better not ask you to take leave anymore".

Not being able to take leave, long leave, medical leave or public holiday in "peace" is not my idea of a good working environment. :-(

Sigh, how long more can I last??? .... over and out.

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