Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleep more

I like this phrase from "If I really wanted to SIMPLIFY MY LIFE, I would..." by Advantage Quest Publications (page 30-31)

Get Plenty of sleep

It states in the book "During sleep the brain stays busy sorting and storing information, replenishing chemicals and resolving problems or inequities".
"Sufficient rest will keep your at your best and make all your efforts more productive and more enjoyable.".

Learn to view sleep as a gift from your creator

Yo brother Jo, get sufficient sleep before baby Janson arrives, reallll soon.

My kind of holidays is one where I can rest and sleep and not do much of anything.


cck said...

I couldn't agree more. Sleep is a luxury for me now. Craving for it. Sleep on in Bro Jo!

d'Lion said...

I am blessed because of Marilyn's sacrifice lets me sleep more