Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breakfast @ Starbucks

Just mention Starbucks and I will think $$$ flying. My colleague Bryan and I went for breakfast @ Starbucks this morning. We tried the Tomato, Basil and Cheese toast on Ciabatta bread, cause the other two on the menu was not available at that time. Free coffee (12oz), promotion till end of this month.

RM4.50 each x 2 = RM9 + tax 0.45 = RM9.45 for two, ok larrr, Starbucks worrrr.
Btw... coffee cost RM13 for 2 cups.
On the receipt the free coffee is written as "Treat a friend (100%)


sharonsb said...

holy mackerel! skip the starbucks and stick with the kopi-o and roti canai!!

d'Lion said...

worry not, Starbucks me no go all the time