Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Unexpected Candle Light Dinner

Marilyn and I went for dinner last night before the marriage seminar, at Jaya 33, Cozy Corner Restaurant.

More than half way through our dinner the lights went out in the restaurant, only the dining area has no lights. The waiters came, brought a candle and lit it.

So we had dinner without the children along, and a candle, mid way through our dinner. Romantic huh...

We had the same kind of dish, sortof.... she had kuay teow beef ginger, while I had beef ginger rice. The beef ginger was cooked the same way. After dinner we had an apple pie, yummy.

- Kuay teow beef ginger RM 8:00
- Beef ginger rice RM8:00
- Teh tarik RM4:50
- Strawberry milkshake RM6:00
- Apple pie RM6:50
Total with government tax and service charge (worth it because of the candle :-p) RM37.95


joshua said...


drama amat romantis

cck said...

sure you didn't do purposely (shut off the power) to impress your wife? Belum attend class already score full mark!!! I can really see the beaming smile on Marylin face even in the dark

d'Lion said...

You need to go the restaurant and ask the waiter and waitresses :-"

richrach said...

hey dan, i recognise tht emote! :p

d'Lion said...