Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Farewell Lunch

We brought Caleb and family to Paris.... not in France but in SS2, Restoran Paris for an early farewell lunch. It was a small affair, 2 families.

Had Chinese dishes, steamed fish, koloyok... sweet sour pork, water mewlon kai, tauho, fried eggs and mixed veg, dishes more for the children than for us parents.

Talked about Australia, their plans, preparations and what they will be doing there.

I was immersed with giving Caleb some "advise" on my camera, Canon S3 IS. The camera talk and the food, made me forget to take a group photo... silly me. Got to make another appointment than.

We knew Debbie and Caleb way back when we were in Students work, secondary school days and during college (Caleb or known as Aaron back than). We went on mission trips together and many conventions too. We were at their engagement and wedding as well. We see their children grown up. Many memories for us. We will surely miss them when they go to Australia.

So Caleb and Debbie, one farewell lunch is not the end, our friendship and 'familyship' will continue, we will see you in Australia one day too. Looking forward to many breakfasts, lunches and dinners, not to mention the morning tea, afternoon tea and supper. Do come back to visit often :-p

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joshua said...

yuppp we were the three buddies growing up together...

God is faithful. He has been with us since our young and innocent days.

Now still innocent ah? 8D